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United Agencies is the premiere company specializing in providing innovative and attractive toys that are reputed to stimulate young developing minds into exploring new possibilities. Our vision is to offer technically excellent, reliable, and safe products that make us the leading distributors of toys for more than 60 years. Through imaginative and creative concepts, U.A. Toys have developed an extensive range of toys that are known to be the best in their league.


The constant growth and change in the toy industry demands continuous attention towards children needs and trends. U.A toys have captured this field rather successfully and thus, represent the toys community nationally. U.A. Toys make toys that benefit kids to be creative and curious. We also specialize in the line of educational toys, which helps the children to learn and develop. Our promise to provide super quality toys prompts us in having the highest level of care. U.A. toys manufacture and supply toys in India and have proved to be completely safe in our operations. This makes us a popular and bright choice among kids and parents. Attractive packaging added with colourful choices make our toys enjoyable and entertaining. Over the years, our U.A. toys quality range, successful services, and timely deliveries have also earned for us the trust and reputation from all our clients. Be it design, colour, or price U.A. toys propose to be the best. Children often require toys that are just as intelligent and smart as they are. We focus on giving them an environment where they can grow, play, and learn through the exciting world of toys. We, the entire U.A. toys team, thank you for your continued support and relations and wish to carry on our services to seek new long-lasting partnerships.

Our Mission

Our Mission is 'MAKING FUN TOYS AND MAKING TOYS FUN' for children.


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